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Products List -- Magnetic Toys
magnetic toys BWT1
Singing Magnets, Buzz Magnets Toy
18x60mm 16x45mm
magnetic toys BWT2
magnetic world --Creative world.
our new magnetic toys is made of magnetic sticks and steel ball and panels .you can build anything you wanted. magnetic toys, magnet toys
magnetic toys
Size: 33×28×4.2
magnetic toys
Size: 27×22×3.8
magnet toys
This is another great device to help you see magnetic fields. It is a thin film containing powdered iron and a green oil. Place the film onto a magnet and see where the poles are located and the line between the poles. You can easily see the strips of N and S poles on the back of inexpensive refrigerator magnets! The way it works, is that either a North pole or a South pole will appear very dark green, almost black. The line which divides the North from the South poles appears very light green, almost white. This way, you can see how many N and S dividing lines there are
magnetic toys, magnet toys
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